Monday, January 21, 2008

Some Yummy Cold Weather Recipes

It has been crazy cold here in Oklahoma-land this week and it is only getting worse! I thought i would share some of our favorite recipes for this time of year:

This first recipe comes from Crystal and at first when i read through the recipe, it didn't sound the greatest, but i made it and it was sooo yummy! it is a big hit! if you make it up early and let it sit a while, it thickens up great!


Sonshine said...

thanks for posting all of those recipes!! They look yummy! The roasted sticky chicken and creamy chicken I have a variation that I already do. The others sound like some interesting ones to try or use as a guideline to make something up for my picky eater crew.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing!

mamaerica said...

I have a variation of the Creamy chicken too....I mix all the "sauce" up and pour it over the chicken in the beginning. I also substitute Ranch dressing mix because my kids didn't like the Italian. Can't wait to try the lima bean soup....don't tell dh that they're limas though, k? :-)

Anonymous said...

the recipes look fantastic. I can't wait to try a few.