Thursday, May 1, 2008

Potatoes in a Tire

Whodathunkit? Check out My Cup Runneth Over for the idea and how-to's. i think i will show this to dh when he gets home.

I think this might be on the agenda for next year's garden.

I do remember playing in the backyard of my Great-Granny's house when i was a kid and she had a huge tractor tire back there. I wonder if that is what she used it for, back when her health was better?

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Chas said...

I can imagine that was what your grandma was planting in that tractor tire! :) I know my grandmothers used to plant flowers in their old tires, but not potatoes.
Thanks for your visit! Have a wonderful day and btw, I need me one of those French bread pans like you have... NEAT-O! :)