Friday, May 23, 2008

First Day of Summer Break - Homemade Ice Cream

We had a blast!! Dh and i got the grill and smoker ready for a weekend of cooking out. We spent the day filling up the pool (started last night), grocery shopping and cleaning the house. Tonight, we cooked some bbq pork steak, baked beans, sour cream potatoes and onions and green beans out on the grill. it was sooooo yummy!

We also made our first batch of homemade ice cream of the summer. We all decided we wanted Banana Nut ice cream so that is what it was. I have the makings for some strawberry after we eat all the Banana Nut all gone. Oh My, it was heavenly!

Here is my basic recipe for homemade ice cream. After you get this mixed up, you just add whatever you want to it:

6 eggs
2 cups sugar
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 pint of heavy whipping cream ( can use half and half, but i prefer the heavy whipping cream)
2 tsp vanilla
enough milk to add to the fill line.

Beat the eggs and add in the sugar. add in the sweetened condensed milk, heavy whipping cream and vanilla and mix well.

This is your basic ice cream mix. You pour it into the ice cream container and add enough milk to just come below the fill line.

for other flavors, you just add what you want BEFORE you add in the milk. Tonight, i added in 4 large super ripe bananas sliced up small and about 2 cups of chopped pecans and walnuts. Delicious ice cream!!! unbeatable!!!

This weekend is going to be laid back and relaxed. No traveling, no errands, no nuthin' but hanging out at the house, cooking out in the pool and if the water warms up for us old folk, hanging out in the pool!

We have some ribs with their rub on them waiting to be smoked tomorrow along with a chicken. This will be our first time smoking. i will try to get some pics. i picked up some batteries for my camera today, so i am back in the picture taking mode.

We also got some really good cajun sausage to cook out along with some hamburgers and such. we plan on cooking all suppers this holiday weekend out on the grill and/or the smoker.

For the rest of the week, we will be eating :

italian sausage rolls with marinara dipping sauce
spaghetti and meatballs, bread and salad
skillet chicken breasts, veggie, something else
chicken casserole, salad
ham steaks, veggie and potatoes.

Hope ya'll have a great holiday weekend!!!


Candi said...

That ice cream sounds yummy!! We don't have a reg. ice cream maker though. I have one with my kitchen aid mixer, but I'm not sure if you have to alter recipes to work with it. I've only used the recipes that came with it. We also bought another one similar to the kitchen aid one that is supposed to make soft serve ice cream---it has a little lever to dispense it. Anyway, we haven't used it yet, but I got it out and washed it up and stuck part of it in the freezer---it has to freeze for at least 24 hours.

Chas said...

We had our first batch of homemade ice cream yesterday...mmmm.. so good! :)
I hope you have a great week!