Monday, May 5, 2008

Menu for the week of May 5 - 10

we had quite a busy schedule last week and there were a few times we didn't eat at home (wedding rehersal dinner, wedding night, g'pa's b-day celebration) so i have quite a few rollover meals. here they are in no particular order, i thaw out whatever sounds good that morning and i try to plan meals with leftovers also.

Poppy seed chicken (with baggie found with two chicken breasts shredded up in freezer)

hawaiian meatballs
baked beans
homemade hot rollscorn

baked potato

chicken quesadillas (from leftover chicken from the Roasted Sticky Chicken)

mexican cornbread
fried potatoes

Italian pinto beans
crusty french bread

Also, while looking in my fridge in the garage, i came upon a frozen turkey breast, so i will incorporate that into next week's menu.

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Candi said...

Sounds yummy, Sam! I'm ging to have to look up the Italian pintos--I think I remember seeing the recipe on here.

About your question on my blog--I used a filet knife and I had read a tip to spray the knife with non-stick spray. So, I sprayed the knife with Pam and it sliced it super easy---apparently too easily--LOL!

Oh--and I do love the pan. The bread was pretty easy to do, so I will certainly make use of that pan!