Saturday, May 30, 2009

End of Season Soccer Tournament - HOT!!!

My middle daughter had her end of season soccer tournament this weekend, we have done day 1 and are looking forward to day 2 tomorrow, bright and early. The team is red and one of the girls brought along red hairspray....bright move!! They all striped their hair and the minute the sweating started, they looked like they had major head wounds, with orangy-red blood dripping from their face, LOL.... Here middle daughter is trying to show us the remains of her hair....can't see it too well, i had wiped it all off in the car and the red in the hair isn't showing up very well. You can see my oldest in the background, tired, hot and ready to go inside :)

here is my baby boy, with his friend that my mom was babysitting for her momma....they got along great!

Though here it looks as though are they are thoroughly bored by the sixth hour at being at the soccer fields in the 90+ heat.

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