Friday, October 26, 2007

Raw Milk

I finally went down to the small dairy farm near my house and picked up some raw only 2 dollars a gallon.!!! You just bring your own container and come at milking time. I just can't wait to drink i am wondering how much cream it takes to make a small amount of butter. I would like to try that some time. This farm is part of the Braum's co-op and so it is inspected regularly, etc. and DOES NOT use the growth hormones!! I will post and let you know if my family liked the taste or not tonight. Until then....

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Jasmine's Journey said...

That sounds great. I am still kind of iffy about that. What state are you in? We are in Cali and about 60 miles away they sell it but it is $11.00 a gallon!!

I get altadena raw cheese from the health store though. It is $5.92 a lb.

~ Jasmine31 from ph