Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My menus for this week

I am not really doing a formal menu, but i will post what i have done so far, we are eating from our freezer this week, so it might ecclectic :) I got stressed yesterday and so i spent lots of time in the kitchen, cooking and baking from scratch. it is my stress least my family benefits from that :)

Sunday - my version of Chicken Tetrazzini with broccoli and mushrooms. I seasoned the chicken with a new seasoning i just got. it was lovely and yummy! If you get the chance, go get some Herbs De Provinc seasoning. I found it at Reasor's. Smells wonderful when cooking and tastes even better!

Monday - Beans, cornbread and hot spanish rice (out of potatoes).

Tuesday (stressed day and no, NOT from taxes, LOL)- Homemade chicken and dumplin's with homemade hot rolls (Grandma E's recipe, will post pics and tutorial for that when camera quits acting wonky), and some strawberry shortcake. (will post recipe tonight - keep forgetting). I can't believe i made 23 rolls and all but 3 were eaten last night!

Wednesday - Lima Bean Soup with homemade crusty french bread. We have made this recipe many times and it is so yummy! Hint, make it up earlier in the day and let it set for a while to thicken up (that is, if you don't like soupy soup :) ) We are using leftover ham from Christmas in this dish.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the great suggestions for my dinner party. i cant wait to get to cooking!!

Candi said...

Yum--can't wait for the recipes!!